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Who We Are

MADhouse by tikera Africa is a creative enterprise and innovation laboratory driven by a passionate commitment to discovering and nurturing creative talents across Africa. Through our skill development programme and community or networking events, we provide enabling platforms, systems and creative financing for African creative entrepreneurs to transform their skills and ideas into scalable products, driving positive change and socio-economic development across the continent

The future we see

Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for creativity, innovation, and cultural development in Africa, fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas flourish, industries thrive, and African talent shines on the global stage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as the foremost launchpad for visionary entrepreneurs operating at the nexus of creativity, innovation, and industry-scale enterprise, addressing Africa’s most critical challenges.

Built to purpose

MADhouse by tikera Africa is a world class facility which serves as a laboratory for creative experimentation towards enterprise development but more than a platform; it is a bridge serving as a vital link between business acumen and artistic ingenuity.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the Creative Industry, to fuel job creation for millions across the African continent while facilitating global reach for African creative products on a grand scale.

What sets us apart

MADhouse isn’t just about incubating ideas; it’s about incubating dreams. What sets us apart is our belief in the power of creativity and cultural development to drive positive change.

We don’t just support creatives; we empower them to redefine what’s possible.

The MADhouse Creed



Bridging connections between creators, organisations, and creative economies within and beyond Africa.



Fostering an environment that supports systematic investigation and study to reach new conclusions

Experimentation (2)


Creating platforms for exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries.



Upholding the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Disruption (2)


Dismantling the old to pave the way for new ways of thinking and being.


The MAD Approach

At MADhouse by Tikera Africa, we understand that nurturing creativity and innovation requires a tailored approach. Our Artist Approach is designed to empower creative entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from exploring initial ideas to connecting with global markets.


Pre-Incubation: Explore and Experiment

Nurturing Creative Aptitude and Fostering Critical Thinking

In our pre-incubation phase, we provide a nurturing environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore and refine their creative concepts. Our Idea-Product programme spans three (3) months and is dedicated to supporting individuals in building and launching the initial stage (prototype) of their scalable creative products and businesses. With an investment of up to $5,000, participants benefit from in-person training sessions, networking opportunities, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, and on-site industry visits.



Incubation: Evolve and Elevate

Guiding Creatives to Refine Their Craft, launch a product and Reach New Creative Heights

In our incubation phase, we guide creatives in refining their craft, launching a product and navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. Our product-market programme spans six (6) months, providing support to creative entrepreneurs who have launched prototypes, initiated operations, and begun generating revenue. We focus on enhancing their growth trajectory by offering investment readiness training, business clinics, mentorship, access to funding and prospective investors, and a supportive community.


Acceleration: Expand and Excel

Supporting Creatives in Scaling their Enterprise

Our acceleration phase is dedicated to supporting creatives in scaling their enterprise and accessing global markets. Through our Market-Industry programme, spanning three months, we target creative entrepreneurs in need of grants and investments to scale their enterprises, thereby building bigger markets and achieving global penetration.


MADhouse isn’t just about incubating ideas; it’s about incubating dreams. At MADhouse, we offer a range of programmes designed to nurture creativity, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.

MADhouse Creative Enterprise

We position creatives for global relevance and industry-size output, serving as a bridge to large-scale production

The Creative Enterprise Programme is designed to foster learning, networking, and collaboration. Through intensive workshops, participants will engage in: developing design strategies (design thinking), networking with experts and entrepreneurs, receiving feedback and refining business models, crafting a compelling 30-second pitch, and recognizing the value of creativity in business ventures.

MADhouse Residency

Not only for Artists, but also for Creators and Innovators.

The Residency programme supports established and emerging creatives, welcoming both local and international artists and creative professionals (pushing boundaries) for periods ranging from 6 to 12 months per year. The residency provides conducive working and living environments that allow uninterrupted time for artistic exploration, reflection, and growth.

MADhouse Young Creators

Millionaire creatives ready for the world

The Young Creator’s Programme is an intensive and immersive 6-week boot camp tailored for undergraduate students. Its primary aim is to cultivate their creative abilities and provide them with practical experience in the creative industry. Through a blend of project-based and community learning approaches, participants will acquire new skills, build a portfolio, and explore into various creative disciplines.


Every space at MADhouse is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

MADhouse is an unrivalled creative powerhouse incubating dreams and building profitable creative ventures. Our unconventional approach fosters an eco-friendly environment where rapid experimentation, dynamic collaboration, and global exchange of creative trade thrives.

Madhouse Gallery

Ideal for Art exhibitions, showcase. Curate iconic art pieces and celebrate various art expressions in our ultra-modern art gallery.

Production Studio

Equipped with a photo studio, production studio, sound facilities, theatre, and casting studio, providing the perfect setting for artistic endeavours.

Multipurpose Amphitheathre

 Ideal for brand activations, talks, workshops, corporate and networking events, educational sessions, and meetings, with versatile meeting rooms to suit any occasion.

Coworking Tech Studio

Equipped with state of the art facilities. Providing the perfect setting for artistic endeavors.

Each space within MADhouse is designed to foster innovation and productivity, empowering creatives to bring their visions to life.

Keep up with the MADpulse

We’ve curated various activities to help creatives engage with our community, including membership plans, workshops, music events, fireside chats, newsletters and programs. These offerings are designed for our ‘madhousers’ to stay connected, learn, and grow.

Who is MADhouse by tikera Africa for?

African Creatives

MADhouse is the haven for creative innovators and cultural disruptors seeking to transform their passion into thriving, scalable and export-ready businesses. We provide a vibrant community for collaboration and knowledge exchange, where your creative vision can reach new heights.

Development Partners

MADhouse serves as the catalyst for strategic collaborations among industry leaders, governmental bodies, international organisations and research institutes, driving the exponential growth of the creative sector towards economic transformation.

This is MADhouse by Tikera Africa, where creativity meets opportunity.

Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Africa can’t wait. The future is now, and the future is MADhouse.